Cardpeek does not list my card reader

This could mean that the smart card management service of your OS is not running. In that case, you will typically get a PCSC error code 0x8010001D in the Cardpeek log window as in the following example:

0015 INFO    Failed to establish PCSC card manager context
0016 INFO    PCSC error code 0x8010001D: Service not available.
0017 INFO    The pcscd daemon does not seem to be running.

On Linux, make sure you have started the pcscd daemon. On a Windows machine, check the running services and make sure the smart card services is enabled and started.

If the smart card management service is running, but your reader remains undetected by Cardpeek, it could be that the reader driver is missing or not installed correctly.

Cardpeek does not detect my card when inserted in the reader

So you launch a script and Cardpeek asks you to insert the card in the reader and... Nothing happens!

Well, it turns out that not all cards are compatible with all readers. Try another different card and see if this problem continues to occur.

You may also encounter this problem if you are running Cardpeek on a Linux virtual machine (if someone knows a fix for this, leave a comment!).

Connection to card succeeds, but first communication with card fails.

You will typically find the following messages in the logs, showing a successful connection with an ATR, followed by an error on the first attempt to send data to the card:

0023 INFO    Connection successful, protocol is T=0
0024 INFO    ATR is 9 bytes: 3B6500002063CB6600
0025 INFO    send: 00A404000E315041592E5359532E4444(...) [4S]
0026 ERROR   Failed to transmit command to card: Transaction failed. (error 0x80100016).
This usually means that you have the wrong driver for your card reader or that the card is not compatible with your reader. On Linux machines, you may sometimes have the choice between two drivers including a generic one and a proprietary one. Try both drivers to see which one works best.

There are some warnings in the logs about failures to read data.

You may sometimes find warnings like this in the logs:

0116 WARNING Read record failed for SFI 5, record 1.
This is normal. In many cases, Cardpeek tries to read data without being sure that the data is readable on the card. When this attempt fails, a warning message is generated in the logs.

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